Do you remember when I mentioned a month or so ago that we traveled to visit some family that lived about three hours away? Did I mention that while we were there we went on a tour of the Leinenkugel's Brewery?? 


Yep, thats right! We knew that it was on our list of tours that we want to do, and we knew that it was kid friendly. So, why the hell not. Right?  

When we got there the adults were given a wrist band and a token to keep up with. Then off we went. We toured the brewery starting at the Leinie's Lodge and it was really cool to see. The brewery has newer buildings, but the old ones are there just as well. It's kind of like seeing a tiny bit of history. 

Our tour guide was training and said the word "um" at least 70 times, and that was a little distracting. But it was really cool to go through and see how it is all made. I used to work in a sports bar that is really well known for their beer selection (over 250 beers on tap) and their knowledge of beer. So it was really cool to see how much I already knew about the brewing process. One thing that sucked is that we could take any pictures inside, even though, we were there on equipment cleaning day... Womp womp womp.....  

We made sure to snap a picture of the outside on the way back to the lodge. Once we got back each adult was to hand in their token. You then get to sample 4 different beers and a specialty beer of the brewery's choice. Chris and I actually used up our tastings, and Sydney had her fill on free root beer. Chris and I walked out with a little more knowledge, a tasting glass, and a t-shirt each.

Overall it was a pretty fun experience. We have a few more breweries we would like to go tour (New Glarus Brewing Co. Capital Brewery, Potosi Brewing Co.) but it was nice to mark one of them off the list. 

Tiffany KuehlComment