Family Sharing Photos

As parents we always post photos of our kiddos that we absolutely love, and are special to us because of the moment that they were taken.


I love sharing these photos with our friends and family so I will text them the photo or share them through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Now everyone has seen the photos, so they should be happy right? 

How do you guys feel when your family then shares YOUR photos?  

We have one family member who will grab a photo, or an entire album, and share them on her Facebook page. She says that she just does this so that she can have the photos. But here is the thing.... We talk to this person all the time! She could very very easily just ask us for any photo and we would give it to her to put on her computer, or wherever she likes it. But instead she will share ours from one of our pages, and we will get every single notification when her many friends and family like the photos. The funny part about this is that we have the privacy settings so that, even if someone shares our photos, only our friends can see them. So the people that are liking them on her page, have already seen them on ours. I don't know why, but this KILLS ME! We have repeatedly asked this person not to just share our photos and they do it anyways, just so they have the photos saved. 

You all text photos to family and friends right? I know we do. We have this family member who we text images from time to time. We used to text him images all the time, but every time we did, he would share the image on Facebook. Normally that isn't too big of an issue, because most people have a small group of friends and family, so that's not too big of an issue right? Well... In this case, to Chris and I, it really is. You know those people who will add every person that they have ever come in contact with on their Facebook page? The people that don't stop there, but then they add every friend of a friend of a friend to their page as well. I like to call these people Facebook whores. This person happens to be one of those people. So when they share the photo there is no telling who sees it. As a protective parent of my child, that just doesn't sit well with me. Yes, I do realize that I have a blog that I post pictures on, but I watermark them and take protective measures. Plus I am her parent, so it's completely different. 

One more thing that bugs me a little is when the said people share the photos, even though they weren't there when the photo was taken, and don't say anything other than "cutie!" or something along those lines, and then post them as their cover photo. Yes, I think she is adorable, so that's not what bothers me. This actually happened last week and there were two things that bothered but Hubs and myself. First... If it is not your child, and your posting a photo of them, and your not in it, I feel that you should always say your relation to them. Something like " My niece is just so freaking cute! ". Otherwise those hundreds of followers that you barely know may think she is your kid, and her parents are definitely not okay with that. The second thing about this that bothers me is putting my child as your cover photo. If you are in the photo then I think it's different. But if it is just a picture of my child, that we took and I happen to have as MY cover photo, please do not put it on your cover photo. Am I wrong in thinkinging that, unless you are in the photo, only the parent should have pictures of their kids as cover photos? I don't think so. Lol. 

If I am honest, I may be a little over protective of my child, and of our images. But that is absolutely my right as a parent. What I want to know is are we alone in feeling this way???  

Tiffany KuehlComment