$20 To Spend

Sydney has always had an interest in money. I have mentioned in this post that she has a love for piggy banks. A couple of days ago we had the opportunity to teach Sydney another lesson about money, or more about the value of money. 

The other night we went to see Grandma at work for dinner. While we were there Sydney mentioned that we were going to the outlet mall for a bit. Before we left Grandma gave Sydney a $20 bill and told her to go to the Disney store and get something.

Okay mamas, how many of you are thinking "what is she really going to be able to get for $20?" ...


I know that was my first thought, but I went with it anyways. We went into the Disney store and we explained to her that she only had $20 to spend. That was her budget that she had to stick to. So she wouldn't be able to walk in and pick just anything. She would have to look at the prices of everything, and then she could decide what she really wanted. Every four year old knows the value of a $20 bill right?!?! Haha! 

After walking around and picking everything up that was way over her budget for about five minutes, she found a Cinderella Barbie doll that was only $9.99, and she was so happy that she could afford it. But she still had $10.00 to spend, so we weren't done yet. This is where the hard part came in. We walked around for a good 15 minutes trying to find something else that she wanted for only $10.00. We finally found something after picking up a $50 dress, $30 miniature figures, $25 dollar shoes, and quite a few other things. We were walking around and I saw a FROZEN t-shirt with Elsa and Anna on it, and it was purple! Did I mention this shirt was only $9.00? After picking up an xxsmall, we finally had a winner! 

Now she just had to actually purchase it all. We had her stand in line while holding her items to do it all on her own. After five intense minutes of hearing a screaming child ahead of us, and standing in line with a very impatient Sydney, it was finally our turn. She slid her items onto the counter and handed over her $20.00 bill. We did end up having to pay the tax, but I was so very proud of her for spending the time to try to stay under budget.

I thought this was definitely a very important lesson for her to learn. It has really made me start thinking of other ways that we can help her learn the value of money, and what it can really buy.  

Tiffany KuehlComment