The Fair!

The fairs here are completely different from the ones that I grew up going to. So when they are in town, we always like to make sure we go to one or two of them.  Last year it was fun, but we mainly ate a little fair food, rode the ferris wheel (because Sydney was to small to do much else), and looked at the many many farm animals. There were never a lot of animals at the one where I grew up in Georgia, so I love seeing them! 

This year was a completely different experience with Sydney! Once we got there she of course did your typical picture where you put your face in the hole, but after that it was totally different from the years before!


Once we got done giving all of the animals a little bit of attention we walked around for awhile. We had heard that there was a pony ride so we went looking for them. When we got there the guy that runs it was out for a snack, but there was a petting zoo right next to it run by his wife. So we made a pit stop there. Sydney is definitely not timid when it comes to feeding the animals. I may or may not have been bitten by a pony because I didn't hear the woman say that he could get a little aggressive when food was involved. He emptied the food out of my hand and then decided to just keep going. But it was just a nibble so I was fine. Lol. After being mauled, we went off looking for something to eat and then for a few rides. Since we weren't able to ride any ponies right away, we thought rides would be fun. Sydney was actually really into the rides this year! She is still really small for her age so she had to mainly stick to kiddie land. This year we all did the Ferris wheel, Sydney and I did the little roller coaster, she did a car merry go round, and then she did the kid maze twice! The first time she went really slowly through the maze. But she zoomed through it the second time, and would have probably gone through it many more times if we had the tickets. She knew that she would be fine, so nothing was getting in her way. She was having a blast! After riding the rides we sat for a bit to have a drink and cool off. I might have gotten an order of nachos to enjoy as well.  Then we finally made our way back to the ponies! We got there behind a group of 6 and there were only 6 ponies, so Sydney had to stand there and wait. I can not even begin to tell you just how impatient she was being. She was ready to go!  When she was finally able to do huge pony ride she picked her pony.


She picked the smallest pony of the six and it's name was Baby. I was so proud of her for riding it all by herself without me having to walk next to here she was so happy and it just made my heart explode. 

After finishing up with the ponies we went and found a little dessert. We devoured a funnel cake and 6 deep fried Oreos. JUDGE ON!!! It really was an amazing experience to see Sydney enjoy the fair as a "big kid" now that she was able to participate more.

I have grown to love going to the fair with my little family! 

Tiffany KuehlComment