Take Me To The Gardens

I know that I have posted pictures in Sydney in the Conservatory at Olbrich Gardens, but I haven't shown you any outside! To be honest with you, we haven't even been to the outside part in two years! We loved some of the photos we got while we were there the first time that we went, so I was pretty darn excited to go on Sunday! It was nice to just have a family day, and get out of the house. 

Who wouldn't love getting out of the house and walking around in a gorgeous garden?! I was so happy that Chris brought the big camera. He got some really great shots. 


After an hour or two there we were so hot, and so hungry. So we stopped over at Buffalo Wild Wings. I have only been there a couple of times, but I love it! Hubs and I shared our YUMMY nachos and wings, and Sydney devoured her corn pups.  

It really was a great afternoon. By the time we got home we were exhausted, so it turned into a nice relaxing evening! But that's how a Sunday should be! Don't you think?  

Tiffany KuehlComment