A Little Silly

I know, I know, where the heck have you been Tiffany?! 

Well if I am honest, it can all be summed up in one word-- SUMMER!

I know that when it's cold outside, I always feel like I am going to have so many posts about activities and such once it is warm. But I always forget to factor in one thing.

In the summer we don't always carry our camera with us. Lol. 

We have done several things this summer that are worth blogging about, but we never took any pictures. So I tend to not post them. Yes, I know thats silly! So, no more doing that! I am going to start posting about whatever the heck I want, whether it have photos or not. While I understand that photos tend to be attention grabbers, and make people want to read the post more, I just don't have photos for everything I want to post about. 

I guess I am realizing that I write on this little blog for myself. I don't really need to follow all of the blog rules that I have always felt obligated to follow. 

So get ready guys, the posts are about to start flowing! Hell, I might get really crazy and start posting on the weekends! Lol. We have a lot of summer fun to catch up on. 

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