Laying Out Together

I see this picture and I think of every summer as a kid with my mom. My mom has always loved getting sun! So we would ALWAYS lay out together. It was our bonding time together. It's just one of this past times that I will always remember! Every time I lay out now I think of those days outside laying in the sun, and listening to music, with my mom. 


As Sydney grows each year I am finding that she loves laying out with me more and more. I hope that this is becomes of our bonding moments as it was with my mom. We make sure to coat her in sunblock, so she is really just relaxing with me. However, I was not as smart on Friday when this picture was take . I may or may not have overdone it. It was later afternoon and I didn't figure I would be out too long. WRONG! A couple of hours go by and I don't feel like I am getting much. But when I go in that evening I am bright red. I'm talking LOBSTER red. But you have to burn once before you really start tanning right??? Lol. 

I do really love that she does all of these girly things with me. This summer will be a lot of nail painting, dress wearing, sun bathing, girly girl fun with my little girl. I couldn't be more excited!  

Tiffany KuehlComment