Have Some Coffee With Me


I have seen this style of post alot lately, and I always kind of love them. Plus it seems like it would be a great way to kind of catch up. So here we go! Join me for a cup of coffee and let's talk about what's been going on lately!

I did something a week or so ago that I haven't ever done before. I got up, got dressed, left my amazing little family at home, and went to this cute new cafe that has opened up in town with a couple of my friends. It was a breakfast for just us moms, and I got to eat for free as a thank you for babysitting. WIN WIN right? It was pretty fun, but I do have something to admit. As I was sitting there with my muffin and my drink I kept thinking of what Hubs and Sydney would like to eat and drink there. I mean this picture wasn't even my drink. It was my friend's and it was a hot chocolate. But doesn't it look amazing??? It was really fun to sit and talk about anything we wanted. The breakfast lasted a good hour and a half, but when I got home I was happy to see my loved ones. Think I'm crazy??? lol. It's just a great family dynamic that we have. We never grow tired of spending time together. 

So what else have I been up to?? Well... I have been an awful blog friend. I haven't even looked at my feeds in a couple of weeks, and I only posted one post, and it was a business post, so nothing personal. What have I been doing with that spare time you ask??? One word, iBooks! Hello, my name is Tiffany and I am addicted to reading free chic-let romance novels on my iPad. I mean ADDICTED! I have been spending way too long reading in the mornings and then reading when I get done working, or when we come in from the day. The other day I even took it outside with me to read while kiddo played in her kiddie pool and hubby watched the game. lol. Yes, the book was that good! I just didn't want to put it down. I have been downloading mostly free books. But then if I was hooked and NEEDED to know what happens in the next book I would pay the couple of dollars to read it. I have now been put on a ban from buying any more for a while. lol. So i read the free one and then download the sample for the next one for later. I have come to realize I have a problem when I look at the amount of books that have been read. But sometimes it is so great to sit and read a good book that just sucks you in. 

What else have I been up to? Well, we have been spending more time outside when it's sunny, and I even have a couple of posts started to show you how much fun we have been having in that area. But I'll save those for another day. 

I have also been working as much as I can lately. As I was getting ready to launch my Etsy shop (don't forget about that promo) I realized that it may be time for me to rebrand. The business has flourished since having rebranded before, but I feel I want to go in a different direction with as much as I have learned in the past year or two. 

Also, our car crapped out on us again. We have only had it for about a month or so since we got it back from having the water pump replaced. We have a VW so let's just take a moment to say OUCH!!! at how much it costs to have anything done on it. But luckily we have found a shop that doesn't charge as much as the others. Well, a week or so ago we decided to take Sydney to the library for a bit. When we left we stopped by the house to drop stuff of, and then got in to go to the store. We went to go start the car....NOTHING... We tried again for a few minutes and the only thing that happened was a click noise like you would hear if you flipped a light switch. You could say that we were less than thrilled... So now it is in the shop and we are without a car until we find out what it is. We just hope the price of whatever it was doesn't cause a heart attack. lol. Luckily we don't have anywhere we HAVE to go right now. We just have had to miss going to a bunch of places we WANTED to go over the last week or so. Ya, we are a one car family, and it has broke down twice in the last six months...SUCKS. 

I think that might be most of what life has been like lately? What have you been up to???