A Warm Day In May

On Saturday morning Sydney asked me if it would be another warm day. Since we had so much fun on Friday afternoon she was hoping the fun could continue. So while she was napping I mentioned what she said to Chris and, being the amazing daddy that he is, he went out and filled up her little plastic pool. 

Once she woke up from her nap we showed her the surprise. She was so excited and shortly after she was in her swimsuit, getting sprayed with sunblock, and being sent outside to play.


Since I already looked like a lobster, I sat in the shade with Chris. We listened to the game for a bit, I read for a while, and we played some music. Over all it was a pretty relaxing afternoon. It was warm and sunny so we stayed out until well after our normal dinner time. I'm not going to lie to you, she wasn't in there the whole time. At one point she ran inside for a bit to dry off and warm up. But in typical Sydney style, she wanted to get back into her swimsuit and play once she was dry. So of course we let her do it.

I look at these pictures and everything about them just screams Sydney's personality to me. She is girly and goofy at all times. Let's just talk about her swimsuit for a bit. During the winter we were at Target and even though it was still cold, we were slowly starting to buy stuff for warmer weather. They had swimsuits on sale and Sydney saw this one. She was instantly in love! It's so funny to see her personality coming out in her wardrobe. She definitely has a say in what she wears now! This swimsuit suits her perfectly, so she loves getting to wear it! Another thing she is loving is wearing a towel like a dress.


Every time she slopped out of the pool she would come to me and want me to cover her up. When I wrapped her up like this and told her it was how I wore mine when I was little, she loved it even more. She pranced around like this for a while and even did a little dancing. 

How could you not love evenings like this with your family?! After playing outside way beyond dinner time, we ordered in and just relaxed. It was a perfect Saturday night and I am so glad we spent it that way....especially since it rained Sunday and Monday. Lol.  

I have a feeling I am just going to love this summer! I'm pretty darn excited.

Tiffany KuehlComment