Let's Go For A Walk

It's no secret on here that our family LOVES to go and do things outdoors. Now that it is finally warming up enough to be outside without being all bundled up, we take full advantage of it. I know that I posted about Our Favorite Place Outdoors last week, but after going there we decided to go and find some more outdoor fun! We always see the Ice Age Trails when we drive to our favorite lake. These trails go on for hundreds of miles, and go through all kinds of land. So last Tuesday we got dressed, packed a few snacks, and went to explore the Ice Age Trails.

When we got to the spot that we decided to start at, the first thing that I noticed was how open it was. Once we got Sydney and Piggy out of the car we just took off walking. 


They did so good and had so much fun! Once we were far enough away from the parking area we let Piggy off of her leash and she got to be wild and free for a little while. She would wander off, but never too far. When she would notice that we were getting further away all of a sudden you would hear her running after us. Sydney and Piggy ran together quite a bit. We were able to just walk and watch the two of them have fun. It was so amazing! By the time we walked to our stopping point and back we had walked 2.6 miles. Sydney was exhausted and so was Piggy. But we definitely plan on going back!!! Next time we are going to include Sydney's cousins or maybe some of our friends and go and have a picnic under a tree out there. I think that would be so much fun, and would make for great memories for everyone!

Another cool thing about this place is that it actually connects to that favorite lake of ours. It's a few miles of a walk, but it's part of it. Do you guys have a favorite location that you go to and have some outdoor fun???

Tiffany KuehlComment