I come from a tiny, I mean seriously tiny, family. But one thing that I always had was my sisters and cousins close by. They weren't necessarily my age, but we were all within a couple of years of each other.  As it turns out we have a pretty large family now. There is of course my family down in Georgia, but then there is the family from Chris' side up here that we are still getting to know. 

Last Friday we went to go and see Great Grandma again. But this time we invited my sister in law and her two little girls. Eden is only a couple of months younger than Sydney and Eva is 3. Sydney met them once for about 15 minutes and it was almost two years ago. 

From the moment that they walked in it was like they were long lost best friends.

They immediately sat together and started playing. They were having so much fun together. Having three toddlers run through the house having a blast was crazy and loud. But they were having so much fun that it was hard to stop them. 

We did get them to sit still for about 15 minutes though... Wanna know how???

We played the best movie EVER on my Ipad! Frozen is a winner for all of them! From the moment that it came on there was singing and giggling. It was so cute! 

Looking back now I can see that maybe having all three of them over to Granny's wasn't the best idea. The house is pretty small and so not set up for children. I mean it when I say that there are breakables EVERYWHERE!!! So eventually Chris took all three girls outside to run around for a bit. It was a little bit of a crazy day, but it was so fun. We really enjoyed seeing them and can't wait for them to play together again. But I think that we will do it at our house this time since the kids can run free here without us worrying, and we can just have fun hanging out together without worrying about them breaking something that is older than I am.

It is really great that Sydney does have cousins so close to her age. I just hope that they can have fun and play together often like we did when we were growing up. 

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