Children Love Technology

There are so many times that I have heard people say that technology is awful and it is destroying the brains of our children. They shouldn't be able to watch tv, play on the computers, or do anything that involved those things. To an extent, I can understand limiting tv during the day. But if I am honest with you I think that the rest of it is a load of bull! 

Technology is an amazing thing. These days you honestly can't do much of ANYTHING without using it one way or another. I really don't think that is so much of a bad thing. 


If I am honest with you Sydney has her own tablet that she has had for over a year now. She uses it to play educational games and to watch her cartoons on Dish or Netflix when we are watching the main tv. She is a whiz with our phones and with her tablet. She is great with technology and I think that is actually a good thing. She is going to use this for the rest of her life and with her learning it now she won't be starting from scratch when she goes to school. Is it so bad to be prepared?

Like I said, I can understand limiting tv time. In the summer I would rather she only watch tv in the mornings and just before bed at night. The rest of the day should be spent outdoors and being active. But I don't see technology at the unnecessary evil that it seems that a bunch of other parents do. 

Tiffany KuehlComment