A Little Library Fun


think I have mentioned this before, but we LOVE our local library. We have been going to story time almost every week since last fall, and it has been such a great thing for us through the winter. Our most recent story time was amazing! It was a couple of weeks ago and we were all told to bring one of our beloved stuffed animals. They were going to be having their very own teddy bear sleepover! 

When Sydney heard about it the week before she was sitting on my lap while she was listening to Mrs. Foster tell us about the event. She turned to me and started freaking out! I believe that her exact words were "But Mommy! I love ALL of my stuffed animals! I don't want to leave any of them here!". I explained to her that it was just for one night and that we would be coming back early the next morning to pick them up, but she still wasn't having it. So we had decided that she would bring a toy, and if she didn't want to leave it then she wouldn't and we would just come back with it the next morning.

ut when the morning of the sleepover came she woke up and said "Mommy, I have been thinking about it... Maybe I will leave my teddy at the library today for the sleepover...". This may seem like a tiny thing, but for Sydney this was huge! She got dressed, grabbed her teddy, and was ready to go. If I am honest we woke up a whopping 30 minutes before we were supposed to be there, so we were in a hurry! Lol. Once we got there Sydney ran in and jumped right into the festivities. They read a book, did a few songs that they were able to dance along to with their stuffies, then there were a couple of crafts. The cutest one was where they built a little felt teddy bear in a bed with a pillow that they were told they could sleep with if they missed their stuffy. Then it was time to check in Berry Bear. The teddy got a tag and Sydney got a coordinating bracelet, so there would be no confusion when it was time to pick her back up. After check in everyone has snacks and then Sydney played with her friends for a while before we finally left. 

The next morning Sydney woke up and was more than ready to go check on her teddy. Daddy came with us this time, and I am so glad he did! It was so cute and he got to be there with me to see it. We walk in and check out Berry Bear. Sydney was hugging her like crazy and so happy to have her back. Then it was time for everyone to find a spot and settle down. There would be donuts, juice, and a movie of what all of the stuffed animals did with their night. Sydney sat with her friends and we were in the back of the room just watching. The kids LOVED it. They sat there and watched the video so intently. Then every time they saw their stuffies they let out a huge noise of some sort. Sydney brought one of the larger stuffed animals, so hers showed up a lot. It was so cute! After it was all said and done it was time to play. That's when Chris brought out the camera. 


We stayed and played for probably an hour, and then we went for a walk down the river walk with some of our friends from the library. It was a great end to the story time year. Now there won't be another story time until June, but we still go every week just to check out new books and hang out for a bit. Last Monday it was rainy and we hung out at the library for almost three hours. It's just nice to have the children's library that we do where we can do something like that! 

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