I Would Never...

The other day I was talking to Chris and something that he mentioned brought this post to my mind. We all have things that we would just absolutely never ever do right? Today I am going to share what some of mine are. But before I do, I just want to say that this post is so not meant to offend anyone out there! I know that there are people I know and love that do or have these things, but this is just my personal preference

I would never drive a minivan! I know that there are those of you that have them and love them. But personally I HATE them. I don't care how many kids we have... I will never own one. I even joke around with my husband that if he ever bought one I just might kill him. Luckily we both agree on this and there will NEVER be a minivan in our driveway. 

I would never go hunting. I have a history of hating hunting. Not only am I a huge animal lover, but my hatred for hunting goes all the way back to being a kid and my father always "hunting"... Then there was an incident when I was a kid that my cousins called me out to show me something and they were skinning a deer. I bawled my eyes out for Bambi... I am one of this people that wants to cry if we hit a squirrel with our car. Needless to say I just don't like it. I'm not against people doing it really, I just won't be one of those people...ever... 

I would never wear camo or put camo in Sydney's wardrobe. I know a couple of women on here who wear it, sell it, and rock it like nobodies business. But I personally just don't like camo. I wouldn't even wear it for a costume.

I would never smoke! This one doesn't really need to be justified at all... It's toxic for yourself and everyone that is around you. Why would you want to do something that is slowly killing your lung function?? I mean really. Plus it smells horrible! I can seriously see the sexiest man or woman out there and then see them smoke, and they lose all appeal. Lol. Luckily this is something that Hubby and I both agree on, so no worries.  

Now these are just a few things that I know that I would never do? Is there something that you can think of that YOU would never do??? 

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