Take Me To The Zoo

It's absolutely no secret around here that I LOVE animals. Going to the zoo is heaven for me. So last Friday when we heard that it was going to be a beautiful day Hubby planned a day for us out of the house. 

First we went to this restaurant in Madison called Ella's Deli. I honestly love this place. You walk in and instantly you feel like a kid with all of the toys and memorabilia that are all over the place. For example the table that we had held tons of old pez dispensers under the glass. Sydney loved looking at them. It's such a fun place to be, and the food is pretty darn good too!

Next we went to our favorite zoo!  We always have so much fun there, and Hubs brought the camera! So are you ready for photo overload???


I really think that the zoo may be one of my favorite places to take Sydney when the weather is warmer. Not only does she get to view a ton of adorable animals, but there are snacks and a massive playground for the kids to play on when they are getting restless. SCORE! There is absolutely nothing like spending a family day out where we all have fun!

Tiffany KuehlComment