A Bit Of Easter

Yes, Yes, I know... Easter was last Sunday, so I am behind a little. But what else is new right? lol.

I think that my favorite part of Easter this year was watching Sydney get a little crafty with her Easter eggs. This is honestly only the second year of her coloring eggs, and we are finally getting the hang of it.  Don't laugh, but this year we actually used vinegar and they were so much brighter! Plus look at that cute little face while she concentrates on it all. 

Watching her color these brought me back to when I was little and my family would color dozens of eggs for hours. My mom said that we would be so tired of it only a few minutes into it, but thats definitely not how I remember it. I am kind of hoping that Sydney looks back on the holidays the way that we celebrate them and remembers them like I do. 

Tiffany KuehlComment