A Girl & Her Wheels

For those of you that have been having really warm weather, and playing outside for weeks now..... I hate you! Lol. 


Even though today was cold and ugly, we have FINALLY been able to get out once in a while and catch a breathe of fresh air. We have had a little snow in the past week, and it's in our forecast again this week, but we have also had a couple of days in the 40's and 50's. When we get the slightly warmer weather AND it's sunny/not too windy we try to take full advantage and get out in it a little.  When it's warm out we have always liked to go on family walks. We have had three somewhat warm days in the past week, and according to my runkeeper app we have walked about 5.6 miles together in that time frame. We tend to really just get out and walk down the sidewalks, but trying different routes here and there. I love that we will get out as a family and do this! Sydney will typically ride her bike and we will walk piggy right behind her. I don't remember us ever doing this as kids in my family, so I love building memories like this with Sydney. Plus this is a little activity that we all enjoy. Sydney will actually ask/beg to go out and walk or ride her bike, and as long as the weather permits we almost always say yes. 

I mean this kid seriously loves her bike. Yesterday she rode it down the street to a station and helped Daddy put air in the tires. It was so cute because you could tell that she felt like a big kid doing this. Then we just kept going and she got to chase Daddy around in the basketball court in the park while riding her bike and showing us her cool manuevers. She wanted to play on the playground, but the ground just isn't dry enough yet. I love that she is actually riding her bike to do things. This spring she will ride it to story time, and we will let her ride it to her occasional A&W treat down the road. She will usually start to get tired around the 1 mile mark, and our walks are typically around a mile and a half. She is really good at doing it completely on her own though...unless there is even the smallest hill. If she sees one she will ask for help or just stop right in her tracks. It's the funniest thing, but we are working on it. 

I look at her riding around on our walks and I just can't believe how fast she is growing. Before we know it those training wheels won't be needed anymore. At this point mommy will just go into the corner and start crying. Who's with me???  As much as I love seeing her at this age, it is so hard to watch time literally fly by with her. 

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