A Week In Review

I can not believe that it has been over a week since I have been on here... ELEVEN freaking days people! The funny thing is that I have had things to post about. I have a ton of pictures that the amazing Hubs took, and I planned on using those for a post last week. But I either was busy, or I was a grumpapotomus because of snowy weather. Then there were times that I had things I wanted to post, but didn't because I didn't have any pictures to go with them... For whatever reason, I just never got around to posting. So today I am going to play a little catch up with you all. 

A couple of weeks ago we noticed that our car was making a funky noise and we noticed a lot of fluid dripping in the front. Chris did some research and it looked like our water pump was going out. PEACHY! Just freaking peachy! We start calling around to see how much this repair would be on our 2003 VW Passat, and our original quotes were anywhere from $1000 to $1300. We were so not happy, we ended up actually finding a local place that had someone who specializes in European vehicles AND they were only charging us $650... SCORE! They couldn't get us in for a week. So on Monday we finally dropped our car off and we picked it back up on Tuesday morning. We are so happy to have our car back! 

On top of not having a vehicle, I felt like we were SO BUSY for that last week and a half. It went a little like this:

Wednesday we had story time. But after that we were home for the day.  

Thursday Sydney and I had a play date with our friends. While the mommies work out the kiddos play in the room/play room. We have been doing this for three or four weeks now and we love it. Sydney gets to play with a bunch of friends and I get to hang out with a couple of my friends at the same time. After this Sydney napped, but when she got up Grandma took her for a bit to spend time together. While they were gone Chris and I spent some time together. We even walked to town and visited our favorite antique store. Then we spent a little time enjoying the sunshine and a little corona in the sunroom. When everyone was home we enjoyed some food and just hung out. 

Friday was a day spent at home. We did yard work, played outside, and grilled out for the day. We didn't really go anywhere, but it was still a full day!  

Saturday we had another play date! But this time I took Chris with and he looked at their computer for them. We were only there for a couple of hours, but of course our kids were rambunctious and mischievous while we were there. Sydney at some point ended up nude and with red eye shadow on.... Let's just say Chris was not a happy daddy. Lol.  

Sunday we had a birthday party! Yay! We got to go see friends we haven't seen much over the winter months, and we all had a pretty good time. It was so funny, at one point all of the kids are running around and excited, but all of the parents looked like we were about to pass out because it was a rainy and ugly Sunday. Needless to say Sydney slept well Sunday night because she was SO ACTIVE during the party.  


Monday morning we woke up to SNOW... It was only an inch or two, but the fact that it was even there royally pissed me off. We FINALLY had a couple of nice spring weather days where our ground had even dried out. Then there were two cold days of rain where our back yard had flooded. Then to add insult to injury it snows on top of all of that. Once I am up and unhappy we take our car and drop it off. Then Sydney and I have yet another play date. We spent a couple of hours there and then spent the rest of the day at home sulking about the crappy spring we have been having. 

Tuesday we got our car back. I was so excited! But I don't think we actually went anywhere once we got it home. I believe I worked most of have day and it was a day spent indoors for everyone.  


Wednesday we went to our last story time of the season. It was also national library week, so there were guest speakers from our community. There was a firefighter/paramedic, a hair dresser, and a park inspector. They each red a story and told a little about what they do for the community. The firefighter/paramedic was actually Sydney's favorite. He read this book about the woman who ate the fly. Sydney talked about that book for the rest of the day. Then in the end the kids got community business t-shirts and a party blower. It was really cute, and all of the kids had fun. Then we came home, had lunch, did nap time, played for a bit, then went out to dinner. It felt like a long day by the time it was over. 

Thursday we went and got everything for Sydney's Easter basket, then we spent the rest of the day at the house.  

Friday we went out and had a family day, but that will be another post all on its own. 

There we go! Now you are officially caught up on what we have been up to, or at least I have documented it. Now that I have done this post I feel like I can do the more fun posts that i have been thinking about all weekend. 

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