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I am so excited to be linking up again with. Jess and Ashley for another week of Its The. Little Things. Last week I wasn't able to link up and I felt like I really missed out. But I was just so exhausted and enjoyed a day of rest. 


When I was little I LOVED coloring with my mom. I mean we always had new coloring books and we would spend hours coloring together! When I had Sydney I assumed that she would be the same way. 

This is how coloring has always been for us... 

Sydney will ask if WE can color.  

I will gathere everything, and set it up in the living room or at the kitchen table.  

Sydney will look at me and say something like "mommy, will you help me color?". 

I think it's going to be like it was with my mom, so I can barely hold back the excitement..."SURE!"  

Sydney colors for like two seconds and then wants to watch me color. BUT doesn't want me to stop until the whole page is done....  womp.womp.womp...

It has always been this way when it comes to coloring or drawing with Sydney. I have tried to show her how to color, but she has never really paid too much attention to it. She has always colored a scribble or two on a page and then moved on to the next.


Suddenly she is coloring in the lines and starting to really draw her own images. Her most recent drawings have these adorable little faces, an apple tree, and she drew a bush with flowers on it. She has also started coming up to me and asking me to draw something. Then she will take it away, color it in, and bring it back to me beaming with pride. I know this is silly, but this feels like a huge milestone to me. Give the girl a paper plate, or paper, and a few markers and she will go to town.

I love watching her grow and knowing that maybe the days of coloring together are just around the corner. That is seriously such a huge part of my childhood with my mom, and the thought of carrying that on with Sydney is just one of those little things that makes me happy.

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