As most of you know, I work from home. My office is literally in my dining room and I will work mostly during the day so that we can have family cuddles at night. Sydney does a really good job at playing or staying occupied while I am working for the most part. I mean I obviously don't work consistently the entire day. It's a lot of stop and go with it. But over the last couple of years we have both gotten used to it. 

On the days that Hubby or my mother in law are home I will sometimes plug in my headphones and try to power through some work uninterrupted since I know that my little punk is being taken care of...


Can you guess where I am going with this???  

I sit down with my headphones in and start to work. I might get through one song, if not only half of a song... 

Tap.tap.tap... "Mommy..." 

Yes, there are two other adults in the house that she could ask to put her dress on her, tie her blanket around her shoulders so that it's an Indian dress, or give her that peanut butter sandwich that she just has to have RIGHT NOW. But she will walk away from them and come and ask me.  

Another scenario is when I would go to the gym. Chris says that she will literally play in her room the ENTIRE time that I am gone. But the moment I walk in the door (as in before I can put my bags or the keys down) she will meet me with a request to do something for her that could have easily been done by Daddy who she left to come ask me. 

I have just come to the conclusion that mommy does it better than everyone else. That must be why she will only come to me for a lot of things right? Lol.