The Little Things

I have to admit something to you... Linking up with Ashley and Jess was so fun last week. I love the idea of just writing about whatever makes you happy, whether it be one thing or many many things. Then add in the fact that I found a ton of new blogs to follow that I am just loving. I loved it! So I am back and linking up again for The Little Things. 


This week I am kind of loving the word MOTIVATION. I am finding myself trying to stay motivated in all aspects of my life lately. 

FITNESS- If you follow my fitness Facebook page then you know that when I got the flu in January I kind of lost a lot of my motivation. Then I was starting to get it back and my grandfather died. It got to a point where I was going weeks at a time between gym visits. I lost all motivation. Thanks to encouragement from my amazing husband and a couple of close friends I have it back. Plus my new swimsuits came on the email yesterday and the bottoms were a tad too tight. I just ordered the next size up and I am keeping the smaller ones for motivation!! Maybe seeing those often will help me eat cleaner and work harder!

HOME- I am awful lately about keeping my house the way that I like to keep it. I mean it isn't grosse or anything, but I like to have it a lot cleaner. Over the last week I have taken days where I have put off work to do a bit of cleaning beforehand, and now I am thinking that this is really just how I should be doing things in general. In the past week I have washed all bedding, done laundry several times, vacuumed the whole house, cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom, and managed to menu plan for the entire week ahead. If you have seen my house at all this winter then you know how amazing this is. 

WORK- There have been weeks lately where I was only working one or two days of the week. My waiting list has been building and building and I was worried it was going to grow out of control. This week I have really gotten back to it and I finally feel like I am beyond the point of playing catch up. Now I am actually getting somewhere and knocking out tasks. It feels so good to complete a project and send it to a client. 

BLOGGING- I am so happy that I did make the switch to squarespace and that I changed my name. I have felt so motivated with this blog since then. I mean look at how many posts I had last month! It's crazy!! Well for me it is. I have actually been getting posts done for every day except for weekends. Am I the only new who kind of hates that people don't post as much on the weekend. That's when I love to sit down and do some major reading. :-( But after tweeting the question a while back I stopped doing it as well. It turns out that if you post them on the weekend they just don't get read (by anyone but me. Lol). 

So there you have it. I may have done the post for the link up a little differently than normal. But this week I am really loving the level of motivation that I am feeling.  

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