Our Piggy & The One Million Pibble March

There is one family member that I don't talk about very often on this little site of mine. 

piggy pup.jpg

On Christmas Eve of 2008 Chris and I went to a family dinner at my Aunts house. While we were there we were introduced to this teeny tiny little red nose pitbull puppy. She definitely kept our attention while we were there and we played with her more than we talked to our family. By the time we left that night my cousin mentioned that Piggy needed a home, and even though we weren't looking for a dog, we definitely couldn't help but to really consider it. Needless to say she came home with us in January of 2009. We babied her like nobodies business and got to work training her immediately. She was so cute and just the perfect addition to our little family. She was our baby before we ever ever actually had one.

If your doing the math Sydney was born in September of 2009... We found out that we were pregnant in February. So we got pregnant around the same time that we adopted Piggy. As soon as people knew that we were pregnant and had a pitbull I started hearing the most awful comments from some of the people that I worked with. I was told that I needed to get rid of her, or that I would need to take out insurance on my baby because pitbulls are vicious and she would kill my baby. You would not believe how badly it hurt to hear these things about her, and how hard I had to try not to slap the crap out of them. While I was pregnant. Piggy never left my side. When I would lay in bed watching tv, she would lay right there with me with her head across my belly. You could tell that she knew that something was going on and she was babying me just as much as I babied her. 


When the day came that we brought Sydney home from the hospital I was nervous about how Piggy would behave. Not because I was worried about her behaving badly towards Sydney, but I was nervous because she was so used to being my baby and now Sydney would be taking a lot of my attention. I didn't want her to feel neglected. I honestly had absolutely no need to feel that way. When we walked in the door she was excited because she hadn't seen me in almost a week, but she was so good. She sniffed Sydney and then I think she actually layed down afterwards where she could watch what was going on.

At the end of this year Sydney will be turning 5 and Piggy will be turning 6. They have truly grown up together and have grown to love each other in their own unique way. It has been so great to watch our daughter have a best friend in her favorite pit puppy.  


I look at Piggy and how she is the perfect addition to our family, and it pains me to know how some people view her simply because of her breed. She is indeed a red nose pitbull, so she must be a blood thirsty vicious dog right??? WRONG!!! I have grown up around dogs. I think we have had upwards of twenty in my lifetime. Piggy is no doubt the kindest, most loyal, and most well behaved dog that I have ever owned! But people don't see that.. People see a pitbull. 

Breed Specific Legislation is something that pisses me off like you wouldn't believe. Your town or state may have BSL and you not even know it! If you don't know what it is, it is a legislation to ban and make it illegal to own a breed of dog deemed dangerous. It basically rips families apart by taking dogs that are good and putting them into shelters to be euthanized. The White House has already spoken out against BSL. How can you really ban an entire breed? There are dog attacks going on every day from every breed, but the only attacks or bites you hear about are bully breeds. You don't hear about when the labs or retrievers attack people because they are consider by society as "family dogs". But trust me when I say that it is still happening. I don't think that you should be able to ban an entire breed from a city or state because of a couple of awful stories. Most of the time those stories aren't reflecting bad dogs, they are reflecting the bad owners who neglect their pets or do not train them the way that they should. Does that mean that we can ban those people as well??? 

A few weeks ago Chris found the One Million Pibble March that Rebecca Corry founded. It is a march in Washington D.C. in May of 2014 that is meant to raise money to help fight against BSL and dog fighting. I was sleeping when he found it, but he knew how close to home this issue is to me, and he ordered a shirt for me. When you order the shirts anything over the cost of production goes towards the cause. So my amazing husband contributed and I got a new shirt that I love because it is for something near and dear to my heart. I will wear it with pride.


You could buy your own shirt or just DONATE HERE to help reach the goal of $40,000 dollars for the cause. I wish that we could be in Washington D.C. , but at least I know that we were able to contribute a little bit.

I can not even begin to tell you how amazing the One Million Pibble March is to me. Piggy is seriously the most amazing dog that I have ever had. I wouldn't trade her in for the world. I just wish that more people could see my starry eyed little pitbull puppy through my eyes. I see a kind, loving, well behaved, best friend/family member. I hate to think that people miss out on that. This march tells me that there are indeed people out there that are lucky enough to see what we see when we look at pitbulls.