I Guess You Could Say We Have A Style

Over the last year or so Chris and I have noticed that we really seem to have a certain style when it comes to home decor. We love old furniture made new, or just unique furniture in general. I guess I would say that our style would be called rustic charm. I'm sure there are other names for this particular style, but this is what I call it. 

On Friday we had a day out together while Sydney was with Grandma. We did a bit of driving and ended up at a place called Robin's Nest Restorations. We have been wanting to check this place out, but they are only open three days a week and we were never in the area on those days. We walked in and I just fell in love! There were very few pieces that I did not just absolutely love. Plus the store is in this amazing building that used to be used as a dinner theater. It has these pretty chandeliers, cool brick walls, a stage, and a bar in the back that they now use as a desk for the register. And the people that worked there are the ones who do it all. It was so great to stand there and talk to them for a while. They even gave us tips on what to do with an old stereo cabinet that we have and want to redo.


It was just so cool to see the way that they took items that were probably old and abandoned, and turned them into something fun and beautiful! There were two or three kitchen tables that Chris and I would love to have! They just had so much character and neither of them were pieces of furniture that you would see in every other house. 

We love knowing that we have something unique and that has tons of character! I would restore an old piece of furniture and make it our own before we ever went out and bought something brand spakin new. I am now even more excited to do all of the furniture for Sydney's room! I would definitely say that we have caught the DIY bug, and can't wait to get started with it all!


Tiffany KuehlComment