A Full/Exhausting Day

Do you ever have those days where you are just absolutely exhausted and can't even begin to think about starting a post? Even if it on your favorite day of he week where you link up with some amazing ladies... This is exactly how I felt yesterday.

Our morning was so full, and it seriously just wiped me out for the rest if the day. On Tuesday I did a shout out on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to to the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. By the end of the day two of my close friends here In town mentioned that they would love to do it with me. So I went out and bought the DVDs for Doris and Amanda and we decided to meet up on Wednesday to give them out and let the kiddos play. 

First we were at the library at 9:30. We all normally go to the library on Wednesday mornings anyways to attend story time. This week there wasn't actually a story time, but we figured it was a good place to meet up anyways and let the kiddos get some new books. Sydney loves the library so she was thrilled! Little did she know that this was not all we had in store.  

After the library we all left together and went over to our friend Doris' house. They had plenty of room for all 7 kids to run around and play together, AND Doris was going to teach Amanda and I how to make SUSHI! Y'all know how much I love sushi! This experience did not disappoint. 

After she showed us how to do the first roll we took off and started making a few. I learned that I was way to aggressive with my rice when I was spreading it because I kept tearing the seaweed wraps.


But overall I really learned a ton for when we make them this summer! We are a little more adventurous with our sushi so I think the combinations will be exciting! Once we made about 8 or 9 rolls together we got all of the kids and sat down to eat.


I could not believe how much Doris' kids loved sushi! Even the littlest one ate three pieces on her own. Amanda and I loved it, but our three girls wanted nothing to do with it after trying a bite. To each their own I suppose. 

After cleanup it was already almost 1:30 and time for everyone's kids to have quiet time or nap. We came home and Sydney actually ASKED ME TO NAP. That does not happen often people! I put her down and the kid napped for three freaking hours. I guess you could say she was pooped! Hubby and I napped for about an hour, but any more than that and we would have felt like crap.  

As the night progressed I still felt exhausted. So no cooking or cleaning came from this mama. We ordered out, and dishes are still sitting in the sink this morning. I had a fun day with my friends, but I missed my amazing husband like crazy while I was gone, so I enjoyed a nice relaxing evening bundled up and watching tv with my family. Yes, we still miss each other when we leave for a few hours...don't judge! Lol.  In all honesty I couldn't have pictured a better ending to the day. 

Ps- excuse the phone pics... Hubby wasnt with to take the amazing ones. lol

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