An Exciting Site

I have had fitness on my mind a lot lately with spring being just around the corner. I have been working out for the better part of the last four months, and working on my body one day at a time. But lately I have been having a hard time staying motivated. I am a very competitive person by nature, so community is a huge motivator for me. If I see people working on their goals, and doing better than me, it inspires me to work a little harder. I know that may sound silly, but it is really how I am. 

A week or so ago a blog friend named Allie contacted me about a new project. I have been following her for the last couple of years and love her! She was wanting to start a new project with her sister in law that would become a sort of community for women like me!  

Its called The Real Healthwives  and I am personally SO EXCITED about it. We finished the design and it launched yesterday. It's basically a place where they will share everything from workouts they are doing to foods they do and don't like. It is meant to be a place where women and moms from all over can come together with a common goal and get to know one another, and help motivate one another at the same time. Allie is a mom to four little boys, and Jamie is mom to one little boy. Plus they are both married to identical twin brothers. The atmosphere around he two of them is awesome after working together for a few days. So I have a feeling I will be stalking this blog for tips and tricks to get my body to look the way that I want it to. I mean have you looked at them???

I know that I don't typically do posts like this on my site, but today this site just keeps popping up in my mind. Make sure you follow them on Instagram too, because they both share a lot on there as well.  

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