It's The Little Things | Warmer Weather

It's Wednesday!!!! That means it's time to link up with Ashley and Jess again for another week of It's The Little Things! I actually look forward to this link up every week because I love remembering the little things that have recently made me happy, and I love reading those things on everyone else's blogs. 


Monday was just a day for the books. The entire day was just so good! After waking up and relaxing for a bit, we decided that it would be a good day to go to our favorite lake and get a state park pass for the season. It's a bit of a drive, but it was so pretty for the first time all winter. So we didn't mind one bit! We stopped and grabbed some Subway on the way and then hit the road. 

It was actually in the upper 50's and I can not tell you how amazing that felt! Everyone was in good spirits as we turned the music up, wore our sunnies, and opened up the moon roof for some fresh air. We enjoyed the scenic drive and just spent some quality time together.  

Once we got there we purchased our pass and then decided to go do some walking and take a few pictures. And when I say we took pictures, I mean my amazing husband took every single one of them. I love when he takes the camera out. Aren't these pictures so pretty!!


After playing and taking pictures we had a gorgeous drive home, we relaxed for a bit, and then we decided to go back outside! We figured that Piggy deserved to get out for a while as well, so we decided to go for the first family walk of the season. It was wet, it was muddy, and we may have had to wash a load of laundry when we got back, but it was great!!!  

I am so happy that we had a warmer day. It may have just been a tease, but it makes me so excited about the warmer days that are bound to be coming soon! 

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