Hello Motivation!

For the last year or so I have had little to no motivation when it came to blogging. It got to the point where I didn't want to think about my blog, or I was even thinking about just getting rid if it all together. That thought broke my heart because there are quite a few memories in those old posts and I used to LOVE logging on and typing out new posts. Then when you bring the friends I have made through blogging into the equation, I just couldn't do it. So my blog has been sitting and rarely getting posted on.

Then a few days ago, for probably the 11th time, Chris mentioned squarespace to me and I finally decided to take a look and see what all of the fuss was about. But when we were starting the free trial I mentioned to him that I thought maybe it was time for a new name. I will always be Momma Bear, but I feel like I have outgrown the name and its just not something I was sure I wanted to move over.

So then comes the issue of coming up with a new blog name. You want something significant and special to you when you decide on a name. All I knew was that I either wanted to use Tiki or Tiffany in my title. When I said that my amazing husband completely got what I meant and started spouting out names that he thought would work for me. When he spit out the words "Simply Tiki" I died! If you know me then you know just how perfect this name is for me!!! So with a new name in hand we created my account and picked my template that I would start playing with. To be honest at this point I still was not sure I would be keeping this account so I just set it up and then made my way back into the office to work on designs for the clients that were paying me to design for them.

As I was working, there was a lag in response so I caught myself playing with for ideas for the words simply Tiki. Even if I stayed on blogger I had decided that I needed to change the name and design. My original idea was to have simply in print and tiki in script... Well while I was playing Hubby walked in and saw me just skipping over scripts all together while I was looking at simply fonts. He mentioned liking a couple of scripts as he saw them and when I landed on rolling pen I was in love! So then I started looking for printed fonts for tiki and i found raleway thin.


The next thing I started playing with was color. I was looking at colors on pinterest and I found this picture and showed it to him because we are thinking of doing a bed like this for Sydney.Then he asked what colors I was thinking for the site. I mentioned a pink and he pointed out that I was wearing a mint shirt and my phone has a mint case on it. And maybe I should try that top color. If you are a designer then you know how hard it is to design for yourself. You over think EVERYTHING. So opinions are so nice. So I kept looking and thought about it and I did love that color. Plus there was a gold I had pinned earlier that would look great with it. Then my color pallet was born. Lol

Once I had my colors and fonts everything really went fast. One day I can not even muster up a post title, and the next I am having a blast and the first post practically just flowed from my fingers. Then when I am sitting in the living room watching tv post ideas just kept coming to me. So I just started writing them down so that I can start tackling them one by one. I haven't felt motivated to write like this in so long, and I am so excited to have this new little place on the web that I can make my own.

What did I learn from this experience?

1- My husband is AMAZING and knows me better than I know myself. I promise to start listening to you a little more often.

2- I need to listen to my gut more often. I felt like I needed a change and as soon as it happened I felt so much better. I didn't expect to change platforms and LOVE IT, but then that takes you back to number one. Lol

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