I come from a very very VERY small family. I never really thought too much about that growing up. But as you all know, when you get married your family grows. I seriously gained my dream Grandma. To be honest with you, I didn't really get along with my grandmother growing up. Then I meet Blanche and she is the most amazing woman! 


She is 98 years old, but when you are with her you wouldn't know it. She has the most amazing memory and gets by really well on her own. From the moment that I met her she tried to get to know me, and she has always treated me like I have been a part of her family all along.  So when I got married, I not only gained the most amazing husband ever, but I also gained the Grandma that I always wanted growing up. 

She lives about an hour away from us. So last Thursday we made plans to go visit her and hang out for a bit. We made lasagna last Tuesday night and just made an extra pan of it so that we could take it with us, and just heat it up for a quick and easy lunch while we just spent some quality time together. 


We cooked, we ate, we laughed, and we talked. Then throw in a toddler tantrum or two over not being able to chase the kitty and the day was complete! It is always so nice and relaxed when we go to visit with her. I can wait until we can go and do picnics and play outside with her when it warms up. It will eventually warm up right??? 

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