A Sleepy Girl

Every night Sydney shows certain little signs when she is starting to feel a little tired. 


I know that this sounds a little selfish, but I LOVE the fact that one those signs is that she only wants me. It doesn't matter what she is doing or who she is with, when she starts to feel sleepy she will come and get me and we will cuddle under the blanket in the living room. This is usually our tv time as a family too. She will normally just sit and cuddle with me as a way of winding down until it's time to go to bed. Then there are those few nights that she actually falls asleep in my arms... Let's just say my big mommy hearts bursts all over again with love for my little girl. 

We have a special routine every single night where I cuddle her, read her a story, do our special lullaby, and tuck her in our special way makes the thought of ever leaving her overnight impossible. I hear about couples who go on trips and leave the kiddos with the grandparents. I don't know that we could do that at this age. I think she would be fine for most of the day, but then night time would come and she would want Mommy and Daddy. But I love knowing that she still needs me at this time every single night and I will soak that up for as long as it lasts, even if that means no nights out or away until she is 10! Lol

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