Like Mother Like Daughter


How many times have we all heard this saying? I know that I have heard it more times than I can probably count. But this phrase never really hit home until recently. We were in the kitchen and Sydney did something, now I can't even remember what it was, but Chris looked at me and said "You know she gets that from you!". I don't think it was anything bad, but something that was abviously a trait of mine. It made me think... If I look back there are a ton of things that Sydney does, that I did as a kid or still do.  

1- When I was a little girl there was this red polka dot dress that I was IN LOVE with. I think obsessed would be an understatement when it comes to me and that dress. I would literally wear it every single day until one day it "went missing". Weeks later I went into the attic with my mom and what do you think I found? My red polka dot dress!! I was so happy and immediately resumed wearing the dress daily until it went away for good.  

Now fast forward to today and Sydney is the same way! She will get something that she loves (whether it is a dress, a pair of shoes, or a night gown) and she will want to wear it non stop for however long. I literally have to hide whatever the new item is in the laundry and tell her it is dirty to get her to wear something different so that I can clean the beloved article of clothing.  

2- Every time my mom ever took us shopping we would come home and do a fashion show for her. Just before a new school year started was the best time for fashion shows! Lol. Now we take Sydney shopping and when we get home she will run into the house and go straight to her room to wait for me to start putting her clothes on so that she can prance around and do her own version of a fashion show. 

3- When I was a little girl I didn't want anything untucked or exposed when I went to bed. I felt more secure this way. I mean seriously, if I wasn't cocooned the boogie man could reach in and grab me! Now when Sydney goes to bed I have to tuck all but her face in so that she will go to sleep.  

I am honestly sure that there are so many things that I am not listing. This list could be endless. But it is so funny to see traits of my personality coming out in my little girl. I will look at her and at that moment I can't help but thinking that this little girl couldn't ever be more mine than she is. I said something about this to my mom yesterday and she said that I will notice so much more as Sydney gets older. It made me sit there and think about the traits that I have always shared with my mom.

I guess that saying actually makes all the sense in the world now...

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