Coffee & Blogging

Lately my mornings have been going a little something like this... 

At some point between 5:30 and 6:00 a certain little girl, who is slightly less adorable to me at this hour, comes into our room to wake us up. She will usually ask to have cartoons in bed for just a little bit. So we set her up and then I'll crawl back into bed for just a couple more minutes... 

At around 6:30 my amazing husband will get out of bed, start the coffee, and pass out vitamins. Our coffee maker beeps when it is done and this is what usually makes me get up and face the day. Sydney will usually decide that she is hungry around this time. So while Hubs is making my cup of coffee just the way I like it, I will get breakfast set up for  Sydney.  


By 7:00 she is usually done eating and is back in her room playing. If she isn't in there then she is in the living room. At this point I have grabbed my delicious coffee that is undoubtably in one of my favorite mugs, grabbed my new iPad, and am heading to the recliner to sit and wake up a little. This is my time to sit and just start going through my readers. I have bloglovin which has a ton of blogs on it, and then my feedly account which has a select few blogs that I do not want to miss a post from. I'll catch up on feedly and then switch to bloglovin. I have actually stayed caught up on blogs by doing this. If you followed me before the switch then you know how rare this is for me!

I love this time of morning. There is just something about blogging and coffee that goes together. But I can't lie to you, I read them late at night when Sydney has gone to bed too. It's just kind if relaxing, don't you think?

Ps- I'm not going to lie...sometimes I get started a little later than this. There are those rare times when Sydney sleeps in, but most of the time I can thank my amazing husband for letting me sleep a few more minutes. 

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