Sydney's Day!

Growing up, I always knew that I wanted a little girl. There was just no doubt in my mind that was what I was meant to have with my personality. So when I went in for that gender ultrasound almost 5 years ago I was in heaven to hear those three words. I always pictured taking my little girl in for little treatments and going shopping with her. 

On Tuesday my dreams became a reality. We woke up and let Sydney know that we had a surprise for her, but that she would have to be a really good girl to get it. We had made a 10:00 am appointment for her to get a haircut and a manicure at this adorable children's salon called Scoops.  

As we were driving there she still asked what the surprise was and where we were going, but we didn't budge. She was thrilled when we got there daddy dropped us off at the door and then went to park. While we were waiting Sydney went ahead and picked her polish and manicure flavors for later. Then came the big girl moment.  


She climbed up into that little chair and was so well behaved! Once I explained what we wanted to the stylist she just went on with it. We took a good four inches off and then added a few layers in. Sydney played with it from the moment we left the salon and is in love with her new hair. 

Next she moved on to her manicure. She handled it like a pro and just sat there talking to the girl doing her nails as if mommy and daddy weren't even there  we seriously could have left and came back when she was done and this kid wouldn't have cared. 


There is just something about watching her experience this that makes it hit home that my little girl is growing so quickly.  

I mean before I know it she will be doing things like this on her own and won't need or necessarily want Mommy and Daddy to tag along... sigh


After Sydney spent the better part of an hour getting pampered she gets to enjoy a scoop of ice cream. What doesn't every salon give you ice cream after treating you like a princess???

Next we went to our favorite restaurant near the salon. This place has the best poutine! Chris and I will seriously go just to get that. Actually that's kind of what we did.


Our pampered little girl got Mac and cheese and Chris and I each got an order of poutine to chow down on all by ourselves. It was AMAZING, but we were so full afterwards. I don't think i even felt a little bit guilty for devouring mine the way I did. 

Next came the shopping!!! It was a Sydney day so we went and started looking for clothes that she could wear once it warms up a little, and some for before then. We started at Target and then moved on to Baby Gap, Children's Place, and OshKosh. I am pretty proud to say that we mainly looked for good deals, we got her three new pair of jeans, four new shirts, a dress, a bracelet, and a little zip up hoodie. The best part is that we didn't spend much at all. 

Overall it was a pretty amazing day to be Sydney. I loved days like this with my mom, and I hope that when she grows up she remembers the days like this that she spends with Chris and I. 

Tiffany KuehlComment