Her Piggy Banks


I loved my piggy bank when I was a little girl! I don't remember ever really putting much money into it, but I still loved the bank itself. When Sydney was a baby my mom bought her this cute little piggy bank at Target that I LOVED. I wanted to save for Sydney's future so I would always stick loose change into that bank. Well time has gone on, and that bank has since been broken. But now she has a love for piggy banks as well. She has even built a little collection of them. 

Every time she sees loose change (or any change period) she wants to run into her room and throw it into one of her many banks. Over time those banks get pretty full. Normally I will roll the change and we will let her use it in a way she wants. But the last time we just saved it in our safe, and now the banks are full again. Then we went to the bank the last week and had Sydney with us just hamming it up. Our personal banker said that we should come in and start a savings account for her. We remembered the banks with full bellies and asked her if it was something she would want to do. Once she agreed I just knew that this would be a great learning experience. 

So today we will take her to the bank and let her set up her own savings. She will get to help them pour all of her change into the machine to count it up. Then she will get to see the process of setting up the account. Maybe she doesn't realize what happens to the money right away, but she will as she gets older. If we deposit the money every time she fills her piggies then she should accumulate a good amount by the time she is able to access it. I am pretty proud of her for agreeing to do this, and I know that it is something that will benefit her later on in life.

Tiffany KuehlComment