The Double Space

There are very few times that the 10 year age difference between Husband and I is ever even slightly noticeable. We recently had one of those times and it was so freaking funny to me. 


For years every time that Husband has watched me type something he has always told me to put two spaces after a period.  um... NO! I have always just ignored him and carried on with my posts. It drove me crazy that he did it, and him crazy that I didn't do it. He thought I was doing it wrong all along.  

Well when we were editing the Jenny Lind post he was typing and he did the double space. I told him to delete one and he said it was right. I don't think so... So what did I do??? Even though I knew I was right, I googled how many spaces go after a period. 

Guess what... You put ONE space between a period and the beginning of a new sentence! Oh yes, I did do a victory dance and rub it in by saying "I told you so!".  But after I finished that, I kept reading and now it all made sense.

If you learned to type on a typewriter or a word processor machine (which he did), you were taught to use a double space. The reason behind this is because the font on the typewriters was monospaced, so it actually required a double space. But if you were taught on a computer, (which I was) then you just used a single space.

So even though he was WRONG, he kind of wasn't. It was just one of those few moments where we could tell that we actually went to school at different times. How did you learn to do it?


Tiffany KuehlComment