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It's Wednesday again! That means I am back to link up with Ashley and Jess for another week of "It's The Little Things" where I tell you all about something that makes me so happy right now. 


I know that you have heard me say this before, and you will definitely hear me say it a million more times. But y'all, I seriously have the most amazing husband ever!! 

When I type up a post and have it scheduled he will actually go through and proofread it for me. When we bought the Jenny Lind bed we were both so excited that we did the post together. He took all of the pictures for me to use (just so I could post them) and then went right into the office and uploaded them to the computer. I typed up the post and then we both went back through it and started doing edits and rewrites. 

This was seriously so fun to do together! I am not kidding when I say that he is a blogger at heart. He wants to make sure that the images are just right when he takes them, and then placed in just the right spot. Then he actually has fun with the words. He added two parts into this post that I loved!! Can you tell what it was? I have to admit that, after we worked together on it, I am so in love with that post. It might honestly be one of my absolute favorites. 

I just thought it was so cool. I mean sometimes I hear about wives who say their husbands don't understand their blogging, or are even against it. He even helped me design this blog... Like I said, FREAKING AMAZING! It feels so great to have married my best friend, someone who just truly gets me in every single way.

I think that he would be great at this! If he were to start a blog about something he enjoys, like photography or technology, I think that he would LOVE IT. But would he ever do it??? I really don't know.  

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