photo taken November 2013

How is this possible? Is this adorable little girl really not my BABY anymore? This September she will be five. In some ways that is so exciting, but in other ways it just breaks my little mommy heart. Its kind of like a double edged sword to watch your littles grow in what can sometimes seem like the blink of an eye.

It feels like I just found out I was pregnant, and now she will be starting preschool in September! If you know anything about us, then you know that I work from home. Sydney has been with me every single day since she was three month old, and even before that I only left for a few hours and she had Daddy with her. Plus she has NEVER been left with a non-family member. So preschool has been a pretty darn big deal around here.

You wouldn't be wrong to think that I have been stressing about this. Chris and I are both very picky people when it comes to Sydney. We wanted it to be somewhere CLEAN, lots of windows (so it's not like we are sending her to a dungeon), and a fun/friendly environment that we KNOW she will enjoy. So I started researching local 4k programs a few months ago. I think there were 6 or 7 options all together. When I saw that I definitely felt a little overwhelmed. This is somewhere that my little girl will be going almost every day for a few months. I have to pick THE RIGHT ONE right? So after reading through a few websites we cancelled some out. I wanted one that was strictly a preschool and not a daycare. Chris and I were both okay with it being on church grounds, but did not want them pushing religion on our daughter, as we are not a religious family. We have faith, just not religious. So that removed the catholic school programs. Small classroom size was also important to us. We finally narrowed it down to 2 different schools.

Once I had two schools in mind I started putting feelers out with a couple of friends who knew people that had children attending these programs. Both schools were spaces that were being rented out in a church. Both were very close to home. I had even heard that both had great programs. But one in particular kept getting so much praise. A friend of mine even set up a play date last week with a family that attends the one I had heard so much about. Once I talked to her I KNEW that this was the school I wanted to get her into this fall. After coming home and telling Hubby what she said it was pretty obvious that the decision was made, and now it just came down to getting her in.

Last Friday I called to talk to someone about checking it out. Yes I am that crazy mom who wants to see it before I will even think about enrolling. I called but didn't hear back. So I called again this Tuesday and the phone was answered on the first ring. The lady on the other end was so friendly and set up an appointment to tour it and ask questions within an hour. I was excited and nervous to go. We were even going to take Sydney with us so that she could give a thumbs up. But she actually fell asleep just before we were finished getting ready. Since the MIL was already here we left anyways and knew we wouldn't be gone long, so we hoped she would sleep through it. We toured the school and it exceeded our expectations. We just know she will LOVE IT!!

All that was left at this point was registration. Technically it is early, but they let us do it anyways. We really wanted morning classes, but they are already full! That has to say something when they are full before registration technically begins... We were not going to walk away from this one! So we wait listed her for morning classes, but registered her for the afternoon classes. I would honestly be happy with either class, and with afternoon classes she will get one extra day of school and still be able to go to story time every week. I thought that was pretty cool!

So my baby is OFFICIALLY registered to start preschool in September! How is that possible?! I am so excited for her because I know that she is going to love it, and it will benefit her in so many ways. But I know that I am going to cry that first day I drop her off. It is just so hard to watch them grow up. Lol

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