Sydney Ella, Meet Jenny Lind


Now days most people have seen a Jenny Lind bed at one time or another. Land of Nod sells them for a premium. You can get a twin size for about $500. But, Jenny Lind beds aren't really a new thing. Did you know that they are not actually made by one designer? They are actually just a style made by many companies? 

Last year Sexy Man and I were walking around antiquing, and we ran across an old Jenny Lind bed in the basement level of our local antique store. We instantly loved it, unfortunately Sydney had a bed and we just weren't really looking for a new one.

So... Life went on and we soon forgot about that cute little bed. Then a couple of weeks ago we went to that same store and it was STILL THERE! An entire year later, a bed that we loved hadn't been purchased. It was fate!!


When we saw the Jenny Lind the first time, we didn't really know anything about the style of bed or what they are really worth. When we saw that it was priced at $100, that peaked our interest. I have been dying to do a DIY project with Hotty McHotskers and this one seemed perfect. So we talked to the lady at the counter, and she said that she would actually sell it to us for $60! According to her, it belonged to a family member. Can you say SOLD?! We weren't ready to purchase it that day, so we said that we would be back. I just hoped it would still be there.


Today we took Sydney with us to show her the bed and see if she even liked our idea.  She LOVED IT!

The plan is to sand it down and then let her choose a color to paint the bed. So far she has decided pink. I have to admit that I was kind of hoping she would. I am so excited that this bed will help give her a room that shows her personality.

After purchasing the bed, we put it together right away to get a better look, bounce ideas, and measurements. We still have to purchase wood slats for support, and a mattress. But if you ask me that is a STEAL! We have looked online and seriously can not find another one with this same design. There are so many different spindle designs when it comes to Jenny Lind beds. 

The only problem that we encountered was that once we got it set up, Sydney just wanted to play and dance inside it. 


Seeing as this will be my first DIY, you can expect a ton of documentation along the way. Stay tuned for the Jenny Lind Rehab Project coming Summer of 2014. Who knows... Maybe once we finish this, we will rehab her dressers that we have had waiting in the garage for two years now.

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