My PawPaw

Even as I start this post I am at a loss for words. Yesterday morning my PawPaw lost his battle to cancer and the world lost an amazing man.

This wasn't really a sudden thing, and we knew that it was only a matter of time. But that doesn't make it hurt any less or take away even a little of the heartbreak that we are all feeling.

I was not able to be there, nor will I be able to make it to the funeral, and that makes it all that much harder. I have never heard my mom hurt this much, and I hate not being able to hug her with all of my might.

All I can do right now is reminisce. When I was young we would go spend the weekend with PawPaw and he always had containers of prunes in the cupboard. He kept extras there because as long as I was there I would go in and sneak a few of them. He pretended he didn't see me or would even sneak some with me. I know it's a silly memory, but to me it's a great one. So today all I have been able to think about is prunes.

I have so many amazing memories with that man, and now I am so sad to know that he is gone. At least now we know that the pain and suffering is over.

R.I.P PawPaw. You are so very loved and will be forever missed.

Tiffany KuehlComment