Hello Santa!

Every year our lovely library hosts some sort of a Christmas event for the kids. During these events Santa and Mrs. Claus will usually read a story and then take pictures. After that we will do crafts and have a treat. They always make it this big production for the kids, and I love it! Last year the theme was Polar Express, but this year it was Babes in Toyland. Between having a real life ballerina, a nutcracker walking around, and the Peppermint Princess my little girl was in heaven! But you can guess who her favorite was! 


She sat on Santa's lap and told him what she wanted for Christmas. When she told him that she wanted CandyLand he was so shocked! But he then tells her that he loves that game! But wouldn't you know it that the elves never ever let him win! It was so cute and Sydney just started to giggle!

I know she can't wait to see what Santa brings her this year, but I think she will be happy to know that he listens very well!  

Tiffany KuehlComment