The Time Changed

Am I alone in thinking that time change is A BITCH?!?

We knew that it was coming, but kind of forgot about it on Sunday and we woke up super early. Chris and I were awake before five! But it's not the end of the world because it's just one day right??? Well, do you remember me saying that Sydney is an early riser? Normally we are lucky if she sleeps until six or six-thirty. This now means that we are super lucky, and she is up by five am every morning! Lol. What do I do? I know that it feels like six to her, so I try not to get too upset. Should I try to make her think it's still night time and see if she will sleep? She normally fights me and I let her watch cartoons for a bit.  

So now that the time has changed, we are all a little more sleepy through the day. I will admit that there is one thing that makes the early wake up just a little more tolerable...


Every single night Sydney comes and sits with us to watch tv, and ends up passed out on me. I love these moments when she is so sweet, and so perfect! When she sleeps she looks like this perfect little angel who never tells you no, and never upsets you in any way. I usually sit there cuddling with her for a few minutes and then Chris will go and get her bed ready so that I can take her to bed. She is so tired at this point that she will let me move her without waking. I am sure that she will eventually get used to the difference in time, and the days of passing out with mommy and daddy won't last forever. But I will enjoy having those moments for a little while.