A Halloween Recap

As you know, Sydney decided to be a bat fairy this year for Halloween. Someone asked me if this was a costume that I thought of, or made. Nope! I am that mom. We were walking through Wal-mart and she saw that they had costumes out. I let her look through them, and if she saw one that she really loved then I would agree to buy it for her. She found one she liked and I spent a whopping $15 on her costume. It wasn't hand made or Pinterest inspired. But it was something that made her happy, and was easily done. Then I hid the costume in my closet until the day before Halloween when she wore it to school. After school I bribed her with new Halloween jammies so that we could keep it clean for trick or treating. 

So when I finally let her put it on again, she was SO EXCITED! Daddy came home and it was almost time to head over to her friend Sam's house. We have always just gone trick or treating as a family. So going with friends was going to be fun!

Did I mention it was FREEZING?!? The kids started out really strong. They were literally running from house to house and getting candy as fast as they could.

Once we had them slow down and walk with us they realized just how cold it was. Our friends actually had a double stroller with them, so Sydney ended up warming up in there a couple of times. We lasted for about an hour, and then we came home and had dinner. It was a pretty great night! I am loving holidays more and more as Sydney gets older. She gets so into them! 

Tiffany KuehlComment