Preschool Picture Day!!!

You know that age when your kids give goofy smiles every time they know your taking a picture? Sydney has been that age for a while now. Sometimes she will smile and participate, but sometimes it takes fifteen bad pictures to get one really good one. So I figured that picture day would be hit or miss with Sydney. 

She was really excited about picture day though. She picked her own outfit and bow out, and then asked me to curl her hair. She was so cute, and so ready to go to school. On the way there I told her to smile pretty for the teachers and the photographer, and she said she would. But remember that phase we were in? I decided I would order a few copies, but not a ton, because I didn't know how they would come out.  

I guess you could say that her picture day was a SUCCESS!  

We got our pictures back last Tuesday and I LOVE THEM! I know that I am partial because she is my kid and all, but this picture is amazing! I love it! Now I am wondering if I need to order some more...  

Tiffany KuehlComment