A TV For Sydney

I am sure that some of you are going to read this post, and not agree with us, and what we did. But before I begin I just want to say something.... To each their own! 

A couple of weeks ago we took the plunge and bought a TV to put into Sydney's room. I do not just plop my child down in front of the TV all day, but I don't exactly limit her to just a few minutes of it. There are some days where she hardly watches it at all, but there are others where we may watch a bunch of TV. I mean seriously, you try working from home without allowing your child to entertain themselves with a little TV.

But my main reason for wanting to get her one was this...

After dinner Chris and I like to be able to watch what ever we want to watch. Sydney also likes to watch her own shows at this point. But unless she watches her touchpad, the only option was to go and watch her shows in Grandma's room. She gets into stuff in there and plays with things she shouldn't. Recently she discovered a very sharp pair of scissors. I walked in and she was cutting paper with them, but that could have easily been her hair. We had already been discussing getting her a TV soon so that she wasn't having to watch her little touchpad so much, but that kind of sealed the deal. This way she is only in Grandma's room when she is invited in, and she can relax in her bed and Netflix her little heart out. 

She loves it, and we are happy with our choice. I grew up watching tv and I turned out just fine. What is your take on kids watching tv. 

Tiffany KuehlComment