Growing & Rebranding

By now most of you know what I do for a living. I spend my days making your blogs/websites reflect you in appearance and turning an ordinary blog into a site that you love. 

Well here is something you don't know...


Not this one... Simply Tiki is simple and cute, and that's just how I wanted my personal blog to be. But Tiffany Kuehl Designs needs a major overhaul! I did the current design almost two years ago and, while it was fine then, I kind of absolutely HATE the design now. 

I have recently started offering printed goods as well. I can create custom business cards, stickers, return address labels, magnets, invitations, holiday cards, and a few other things.. I can have these items designed, printed, and shipped in under a week! I have had a few business card/sticker orders this past week and I have LOVED doing them. It is so cool to be able to design something that actually gets delivered to the customer for them to use. 

With the new services, I have had more traffic on my site. I have also had a few local people ask me for my business cards and my website. But I don't want people I know seeing it in the state that it's in! Yes, that is bad! Lol. for my business to grow, I have to take care of all aspects of it, and truthfully I have been kind of ignoring my site...

I figure that if I need to design business cards for myself anyways, I might as well do it with the new look. So this weekend Tiffany Kuehl Designs is being REBRANDED! Every single aspect of the site will be new, and I am going to rebrand all of my social media as well. Tiffany Kuehl Designs is like my second baby, and I have to take care of that baby for it to grow right? 

I have the colors, fonts, and logo established already. I have also been gathering ideas for the last couple of months for what I want to do. But I am so nervous! I can design for you easily, but it's not so easy doing it for me. So I am doing something new this time. I am going to be posting on my business facebook page for feedback. So make sure you go and like my page to give me your opinions! 

For now I will give you a preview of my logo...

What do you think? I am so excited, yet so nervous about this!!! 

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