A Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Yes, I am a little late posting this, but we had another field trip! This one was special though... Not only were we going to go to the pumpkin patch, but Hubs was coming with us! We have been to this pumpkin farm before, but I was excited to experience it this time with Sydney through her class. 

We were only able to stay at the pumpkin patch for about an hour and a half, and that amount of time was packed full of fun! First up was the hay ride! 

We got to ride the wagon from the farm to the pumpkin patch, about a half a mile. I went into this thinking that we would be led to a spot where there were a bunch of pumpkins layed out for you to choose from. NOPE! We got to the patch and were told that we could walk in and find the pumpkins that our little ones wanted to keep and take home. They were still attached to the vines! Lol. So we are literally walking through a field of tall plants looking for the perfect pumpkin. Sydney was such a punk about it, and she had to find the PERFECT pumpkin. We found huge pumpkins, round pumpkins, pumpkins with cool stems, and tiny pumpkins. But none of them were THE PUMPKIN. 

She finally found one, and it was literally the smallest pumpkin that she could find. It was so cute! She was guarding that thing for dear life during the hayride back to the front of the farm! 

Once we got back it was time to play! We got to pet animals and play with a few toys for a couple of minutes.  

Then it was time for MOLEHILL MOUNTAIN! Last year Sydney didn't want anything to do with this slide. As you can see, this year was a completely different story. I think she came down that slide and then ran back up to the top 5 or 6 times before we had to move onto something else. 

After we played it was time for snacks! Wouldn't you know it, I was in charge of snacks for this field trip too. Lol. But this time I tried to think of something that would travel well, and that I could easily make enough for parent, children, and teachers. I ended up making my delicious whole wheat rhubarb muffins. 

Once we had our snack, it was time to get on that awful big yellow bus and drive back to the school. It was a fun trip all in all.  

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