The Negative To Going To School

Did you know that in the first year of your child being in school they can get up to seven colds?? Each cold can possibly last up to two weeks. That means that your kid can be sick up to 14 weeks with colds alone. A school year is about 25 weeks right? That means that your kid can be sick for over half of the year! 

This is exactly what I was told by my doctor when I took Sydney to the doctor with her fourth cold since starting school in the beginning of September. We don't typically go to the doctor for something that we feel we can take care of on our own, but this past time she had some major congestion and there was a bad virus going around. Better safe than sorry right?  

Well this week we are on cold number FIVE!


On Saturday Sydney had a little bit of a runny nose. But we weren't too worried because she had been playing in the wind and rolling around in leaves all afternoon. Figured she would be fine after a bath and a good nights sleep. Sunday the nose was still running and she was developing a slight cough. By Monday she had a nasty cough and was losing her voice. She still went to school because there hadn't been any fevers or signs that she was contagious. She was even playful at times, and super excited about her picture day. Tuesday morning rolls around and she still has a different voice, a nasty cough, and now she is complaining about her ear hurting. So I called the doctor again. With all of that congestion I was worried about an ear infection. We have only ever had one before and that is not something I am willing to let go untreated since I don't know much about them. So we called in to school and made a doctors appointment and I was right. The cold has caused her to get an ear infection in her right ear. But when I gave her ibuprofen she seemed to be in less pain. Since she doesn't get them often we agreed that we would just treat the symptoms and let the ear infection go away on its own without antibiotics. If it gets worse I will call and we will obviously get them, but I am not one to give medicine if it is not really needed and can be prevented. I am really hoping that she is feeling better by the end of the week.

We have been lucky that it hasn't been anything too bad so far. I am kind of hoping that the germs die down once it starts getting colder. Because she has NEVER been sick so much before. At least not in such a short period of time.  

Tiffany KuehlComment