Loads of Tude

Before you ever even have kids you hear about the terrible twos. That's when the kids start to show their attitudes and try push it their limits while discovering independence right??? 

Nobody ever mentions that it doesn't stop there... There are the terrible twos, treacherous threes, fearsome fours, and I haven't come up with one for five yet that doesn't involve the f-bomb. Lol. In all honesty two wasn't that bad. Sydney has only been five for a month and five has been the hardest by far! It actually started right around the time that she started going to school. She has been refusing to do things and pushing her boundaries way more. I know that part of it is just her age, and a stage that we have to make it through. But as she pushes us to our wits ends by refusing to do things and pushing her limits as far as she possibly can, it sometimes effects us emotionally as parents.  

It has been a huge learning experience for all three of us. Sydney is learning that she absolutely WILL NOT get what she wants by being pissy and bossing us around. Not to say she isn't trying, but that shit just ain't happening. And we are learning that we are having to be much more strict with her. When she behaves that way we have to stand our ground! And when she continues to behave that way something that she really wants is taken away, and remains gone until she earns it back with good behavior. 

My daughter is not an awful child. She is quite the opposite, actually. But she is a very stubborn, hard headed, five year old little girl. I love her more than anything, but sometimes she has the biggest little attitude. It's a good thing that she is so freaking cute and can be the sweetest thing when she wants. The good outweighs the bad right? 

Tiffany KuehlComment