Her Jenny Lind Bed

Do you remember when I told you about the Jenny Lind bed that we bought Sydney at the antique shop back in February?

Our plan was to restore it as soon as the weather warmed up! So we set it in our house and waited. If I am completely honest with you, summer came and went and we hadn't even touched the bed other than to move it from one spot to the next. Then around the middle of September Chris and I were talking about the bed and I got this crazy idea to try to get it done BEFORE Sydney's birthday on September 26th. So we go and we buy little sanders, and lots of other things that we think we will need to get the bed ready to paint. The next morning I went outside as soon as it was warm and sunny enough and I plopped myself down in the driveway and just started sanding. Have I mentioned yet that I have never done anything like this before and we wanted to have the project done in just a few days??? Let's just say that it was definitely a learning process!

Five days and several trips to the local hardware store later I FINALLY had it completely sanded! The sanders that we originally purchased worked great for the side rails and the flat parts of the headboard and footboard, but that was about it.

Let me just tell you something... Those little dowels were a BITCH to get sanded and they were the only reason for like three or four of my trips to the hardware store. By the time I was done they knew me by name! How sad is that??? I hand sanded a bunch, we tried using paint stripper, and I FINALLY found a tool that worked great for sanding all of the little curvy areas and the dowels.

It was a little sanding wheel that attached to the drill. Once I used these I couldn't believe I had done so much hand sanding on them. It was SO MUCH EASIER! It just took a little time and a couple of cold beverages to complete the sanding at this point. 

By the time her birthday came, we had the sanding done, and the side rails painted. We had even let Sydney paint some of the slats that would support her mattress. She picked the color "lipstick pink" from the Disney selection at wal-mart and we had our hardware store match the color. Sydney loved it once she saw it! 

But that was all we had done when the ideal deadline came and went. We had gotten a ton of work done on it, and I was okay with that. Another week or so later, Chris got done with work early and when Sydney was at school we thought that it was the perfect time to finish! So we grabbed a couple of drinks and powered through!

We literally painted the rest of the bed in a two hour period. It was a random warm day, and it was warm enough that by the time I got back from picking her up, everything was dry. A warm sunny day is an awesome thing when it comes to painting. So on a whim we decided to go get her new matress and put the bed together that day! She would be able to sleep in her new bed that very night!  

As we are putting the bed together we realize that the wood planks I'd had cut were the wrong size... Womp. Womp. Womp....  So after yet another trip to he hardware store, we were able to finally get the bed put together! 

Sydney now has an antique Jenny Lind bed in her favorite color! Is it perfect? Absolutely not! But it is so darn cute! We didn't layer thr paint on really thick so the detail of the wood shows through on some areas and it gives it even more of an antique look. I do love it so much! I hope that she loves this bed for years to come! 

Now I get to buy things like a new rug, an end table, and more. Lol! She will have a room that is super cute by the end of it all!  

Next up on the DIY journey is Sydney's dressers that are currently sitting in our garage. We won't be able to use them as long as we live in this house, so that will be a project for next spring/summer. 

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