What better way is there to spend a Saturday afternoon than running around a field/park picking every dandelion that you can possibly find? 

My daughter has a serious love for wildflowers. I know this is so common with little girls, but I love it. I can remember gathering them for my mom as a kid. Sydney is absolutely no different. The day that we took these pictures, it was mine and Chris' anniversary. She picked two little yellow flowers and gave one to each of us. She called them our anniversary flowers. It was so cute and so sweet! In all honesty most of our time at the park was spent picking dandelions. 

As I look at these pictures I see my little girl in her own little world. She is happy, having fun, and being as sweet as can be. She is outside and loving it. She is able to just run and run until her little heart is content. She is just being Sydney through and through. She is in every way our very own little wildflower. I love moments like these and hope that those days of picking dandelions and other wildlflowers never end. 

Tiffany KuehlComment