Playing In The Rain

When I was growing up I ALWAYS wanted a rain coat and rain boots. I have no idea why, but I never got them. To this day I still want an adorable pair of rain boots. But I am short, picky, and have large calves. Lol. So finding the perfect pair at the right time has proved to be tricky. When my mom bought Sydney this rain coat and rain boots, I was IN LOVE! 

My daughter is one of those kids that always bee lines for the rain puddles. I don't know what it is about them, but she just has to walk, stomp, or jump in them as soon as she sees one. Truth be told, I don't always let her do it. Now that she has these I may totally change my mind! 


One day we came home from school and all of a sudden it just started raining. We threw on our rain coat and boots and ran outside! This was the one time that I told her she could go play in the rain and just have a little fun. We needed pictures to show my mom, and this seems like the perfect opportunity right?? 

I am in love with these pictures! They just show you Sydney's personality to a T. She is sassy, she is goofy, and she loves to run around and have fun. Now she just gets to look so freaking cute while doing it! There is nothing better to a little girl than getting to play in the rain a little bit! 

Tiffany KuehlComment